VIFF Screening Platforms
Kowloon Forest on Oculus TV
Kowloon Forest on Amaze VR
Kowloon Forest on VeeR

As part of the Vancouver Film Festival, our VR film “Kowloon Forest” is available on OculusTV, AmazeVR, VeeR, Museum Of Other Realities and Littlstar. Watch at home! 9/24 – 10/7.
作為溫哥華國際電影節一部分,我哋嘅VR電影《靜影九龍》已經發佈在 OculusTV,AmazeVR,VeeR,Museum Of Other Realities以及Littlstar。 歡迎大家隨時觀看! 9月24日–10月7日。
Devices / Platforms:
Oculus Quest – OculusTV
Oculus Go – AmazeVR, VeeR
Oculus Rift (S) – Museum of Other Realities via Steam, AmazeVR, VeeR
PlaystationVR – Littlstar
HTC Vive – Museum of Other Realities via Steam
Xiaomi Mi – VeeR