SCI-Arc Fiction & Entertainment 2021
Fiction & Entertainment 2021 Final Screening
Fiction & Entertainment 2021 Final Screening
Fiction & Entertainment 2021 Final Screening
Some photos from last night’s Fiction & Entertainment 2021 final screening at SCI-Arc with Liam Young.
🌟 CONGRATULATIONS 🌟 to our students: Vivian Charlesworth, Emma Koh, Tanita Enderes, Chase Janikowski, Attilio Bonelli, Pablo Lorenzana, Jason Rosen, Andrew Hu, Ben Evans, Saleh Jamsheer, Sinew Zhang, and Jinyong Gao – and thank you for all your incredible hard work!
Guest list:
Alisa Tager – President of Film & Television at Anonymous Content and Chief Creative officer of the Los Angeles Media Fund
Oliver Scholl – Production designer for Suicide Squad, Edge of Tomorrow, Independence Day, Spiderman: Homecoming, Venom etc.
Finnian MacManus – Concept Artist for Rougue One, Solo, Ad Astra, Pacific Rim etc
Shepherd Frankel – Production designer for AntMan, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, Art Director for Magnolia, Terminator 3 etc
Monica Haley – Head of Human Resources and Recruiting For Blur Studio
Andrew Thomas Huang – Artist and director of films and music videos in collaboration with musicians such as Bjork, FKA Twigs, Serpent with Feet etc
Andrew Leung – Concept artist for Black Panther, Captain America Civil War, Ghost in the Shell, Deadpool, Mulan and many more.
Joao Ribas – Executive Director of LA’s REDCAT Gallery
Richard Enriquez – Director or Production for Halon, NEP Virtual Studios
Rebekah Bukhbinder – Set Designer and art Director for The Mandalorian, Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker, THe Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
John Canning – Executive Producer of New Media and Experimental at Digital Domain Studio
David Wexler – Creative Director and Founder of Strange Loop studios, a production company focused on concert visuals, immersive experiences and music videos.
Rick Farin, Claire Farin – Co Founders of Actual Objects studio
Jordan Long, Matt Glass, Tara Perry – Founders of, an Emmy-winning studio focused on feature films, television and documentaries
Ceci Moss – Director and Curator of Gas Gallery, LA
Jen Stein – Designer Researcher with Experimental, Alex Macdowells Worldbuilding Studio
Kevin Dart – Director of Design and Animation studio Chromosphere
Toby Past – Creative Director at Advertising Agency Razorfish