Planet City Teaser

Sharing a few fragments from “Planet City” – a new short film which I VFX-supervised.
“Planet City is a film set in a city for the entire population of the earth, where we surrender the rest of the world to a global scaled wilderness. The film follows a continuous festival procession dancing through the city on a 365 day loop. Each day it intersects with a different carnival, culture and celebration.”
Director: Liam Young
Production Design: Liam Young
Visual Effects Supervisor: Alexey Marfin
Costume Director/Producer: Ane Crabtree
Original Score: Forest Swords
Vocals: EMEL
Visual Effects: Case Miller, Aman Sheth, Vivian Komati, Yucong Wang
Lead Researcher: Case Miller
Researcher: Pierce Myers
Narrative Consultant: Jennifer Chen
Performed by: David Freeland Jr, AJ and Miguel Alejandro Lopez, Joy Brown, of Jacob Jonas The Company
West Coast Costume Assistant: Courtney Mitchell
East Coast Costume Assistant: Ela Erdogan
Costume Artists: Holly McQuillian, Karin Peterson, Kathryn Walters, Aneesa Shami, Yeohlee Teng, Courtney Mitchell, Ane Crabtree
Fibre Artist: Janice Arnold
Mask Artists: Liam Young, Zac Monday, Aneesa Shami
Costume Still Photography: Driely S
Costume stills Photoshoot Produced by: Eva Huang
Commissioned by: NGV Melbourne
Curator: Ewan McEoin