Kowloon Forest Press

…And a selection of press that featured us (both print and online). Incredibly honored to have these opportunities, and grateful for all the journalists, editors, and photographers that I met and spoke to during this process :)

Kowloon Forest Posters

The different posters from our premieres (in chronological order)
Feeling very grateful to have had the opportunity to show Kowloon Forest to so many different audiences :)

Kowloon Forest on Oculus TV

Big news! Our VR film Kowloon Forest is now available on Oculus TV!

kowloon forest kaohsiung vr film lab

Excited to share some photos from the first few weeks’ screening of Kowloon Forest /「靜影九龍」 at the VR FILM LAB in Kaohsiung, as part of the On Going Home /「往家路上」screening program!

Kowloon Forest at Kaohsiung Film Archive VR FILM LAB

Our VR film Kowloon Forest will have its Taiwan premiere at the Kaohsiung Film Archive VR FILM LAB!

Kowloon Forest at Vancouver Film Festival - Best Cinematic Live-Action VR

Our film ‘Kowloon Forest’ has won ‘Best Cinematic Live-Action VR’ at the Vancouver International Film Festival!


As part of the Vancouver Film Festival, our VR film “Kowloon Forest” is available on OculusTV, AmazeVR, VeeR, Museum Of Other Realities and Littlstar. Watch at home! 9/24 – 10/7.
作為溫哥華國際電影節一部分,我哋嘅VR電影《靜影九龍》已經發佈在 OculusTV,AmazeVR,VeeR,Museum Of Other Realities以及Littlstar。 歡迎大家隨時觀看! 9月24日–10月7日。

Kowloon Forest at Vancouver Film Festival

Our VR film Kowloon Forest will have its North American premiere at the Vancouver Film Festival!


Kowloon Forest had a special screening at the Busan Film Festival last weekend, as part of the 2019 Virtual Reality International Forum.

Kowloon Forest Korean Poster - 구룡숲 - Busan Film Festival

Excited to announce that Kowloon Forest will be screening at the 2019 Busan Film Festival, as part of the Virtual Reality International Forum.