Jul 26 2019
Ming Pao Weekly Interview

Kowloon Forest Premiere

My interview with 明周 Ming Pao Weekly is out today! Friends in HK – grab a copy this week! (Issue No. 2646).
Jul 24 2019
Tsinghua Lecture 2019


While I was at Tsinghua, I gave a public lecture about my own work and my research interests…
Jul 23 2019
Tsinghua Workshop 2019


Last week I was a visiting tutor at Tsinghua University (清華大学) in Beijing. I taught a course as part of the “2019 Parametric Design Workshop”…
Jul 18 2019
Press Photoshoot by Ming Pao Weekly

Alexey Marfin - Press Photoshoot by Ming Pao Weekly

Press photoshoot for Kowloon Forest by Ming Pao Weekly / 明周 at Osage Gallery, Hong Kong.
For our exhibition, we collected assorted chairs from Hong Kong alleys and streets, and mounted them on rotating bases – allowing you to rotate freely as you watch the film in 360 degrees – while preserving these ‘street scenes’.
© Ming Pao Weekly / 明周. Photo by Chi Wing Tan / 譚志榮.
Jul 15 2019
RTHK 香港電台 Interview – Kowloon Forest / 靜影九龍

Kowloon Forest RTHK

We did a short radio interview with RTHK (香港電台) about Kowloon Forest. They spoke to Shirley on the day of the premiere. Listen here (Cantonese).
Jul 08 2019
Kowloon Forest / 靜影九龍 Premiere Photos

Kowloon Forest Premiere

Some photos from last friday’s world premiere of Kowloon Forest / 靜影九龍 at Osage Gallery in Hong Kong.
Jul 07 2019
Hong Kong Airlines – Kowloon Forest

Kowloon Forest in Hong Kong Airlines Inflight Magazine

If you’re flying with Hong Kong Airlines this month, check out the inflight magazine!
Hong Kong Airlines +852 Magazine – July 2019
Jun 20 2019
Tsinghua 2019 Workshop Description


I will be teaching a workshop at Tsinghua University in Beijing on 13 – 19 July, about designing worlds for cinema and science fiction – invited by Professor Xu Weigo of the Digital Architecture Design Association (DADA).
I will also give a lecture on Thursday 18 July at 7pm.
May 10 2019
Time Out HK – Kowloon Forest 靜影九龍

Kowloon Forest - Time Out Hong Kong - Alexey Marfin

Kowloon Forest is featured in Time Out magazine Hong Kong! 靜影九龍登上了Time Out HK專題介紹!
香港的《靜影九龍》放映 | 奧沙畫廊 | 馬樂思VR電影
May 10 2019
Yivian 映维网 – Kowloon Forest 靜影九龍

Kowloon Forest Yivian Alexey Marfin

Kowloon Forest is featured in the Chinese VR blog Yivian (映维网).
展示香港楼栋林立下的都市情感生活,VR短片《静影九龙》| 马乐思