Apr 05 2018
Chungking Mansions Shoot


Chungking Mansions is a 17-story commercial and residential building in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong. Many business owners in Chungking Mansions are South Asians who have been in Hong Kong for generations, reflecting the historical presence of South Asians in HK since the 19th century (when both HK and India/Pakistan were British). A scene in our VR film takes place in Chungking Mansions…
Dec 07 2017
Neon Signs and Cantopop


Some CGI production design from our new VR film. Neon signs and Cantopop posters.
Oct 17 2017
Yaya Shoot


Sunday is maids’ day off in Hong Kong, when thousands of domestic helpers (yayas) from the Philippines and Indonesia get a day to themselves. Because the helpers typically live with their employers, it’s difficult to find rest at home. Instead, they domesticate parts of the city – overpasses, public squares, financial buildings – to talk, sing, eat, play cards, dance and relax. We shot a scene for our VR film about this phenomenon…
Sep 24 2017
Kowloon Walled City Teaser


A little teaser of what we’ve been working on! Stay tuned.
Jul 23 2017
VR Shoot #3


Shooting another scene for our new VR film! Thanks to Ming and the rest of the team…
Jun 28 2017
Mukbang Shoot


Shooting a Korean “mukbang” scene for our new VR film. Thanks to the fantastic Angie and the whole team!
Jun 10 2017
HK Apartment Shoot


Shooting a scene for a new VR film. Some photos from yesterday’s shoot. Thanks to the super talented Toonyun and the amazing crew for all their hard work.
Jun 08 2017
HK Apartment


Hong Kong apartment set for a new VR film. Great production design by Vivian Xin Zhen.
May 10 2015
Upcoming Short (Into the Stream)


Directing a new short film – Into the Stream. Some photos from yesterday’s shoot.
Nov 30 2014
Blue-Eyed Me fish animation development


Some fish animation development for Blue-Eyed Me

Blue-Eyed Me fish animation development