Feb 04 2020
Aisha and Abhaya


Excited to share some frames from ‘Aisha and Abhaya’, a new contemporary dance and film piece currently on show at the Royal Opera House in London. I created this digital dancer simulation and worked on a few shots for the piece.
Dec 06 2019
VR Film Sets II


Join us at SCI-Arc tonight and tomorrow for VR Film Sets II – an interactive exhibition of VR work by my seminar students. The projects take five scenes from period/historical movies, and reimagine them as a series of fully-digital virtual reality (VR) environments.
Oct 08 2019
Busan Film Festival VR Forum – Photos


Kowloon Forest had a special screening at the Busan Film Festival last weekend, as part of the 2019 Virtual Reality International Forum.
Sep 26 2019
Busan Film Festival VR Forum

Kowloon Forest Korean Poster - 구룡숲 - Busan Film Festival

Excited to announce that Kowloon Forest will be screening at the 2019 Busan Film Festival, as part of the Virtual Reality International Forum.
Forum: 5 October 13:30-18:00
Screening: 4-5 October 11:00-17:00
Venue: Conference Hall Lounge, Busan Visual Industry Center
Kowloon Forest – Busan International Film Festival VR Forum
구룡숲 – 부산국제영화제 국제포럼
Sep 22 2019
NOWNESS x PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai – Photos


Some photos from last weekend’s NOWNESS x PHOTOFAIRS screening of ‘Kowloon Forest’ in Shanghai.
Sep 20 2019

Kowloon Forest - Nowness - Alexey Marfin

English | 中文 (简体)

This weekend (Sep 20-22) our VR film ‘Kowloon Forest’ is on view at PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai, presented by NOWNESS.
Big thanks to Coco Ho, Jim Demuth, and the rest of the team.
本周末(9月20-22号),NOWNESS将与奥沙艺术基金一起,于2019影像上海艺术博览会 PHOTOFAIRS SHANGHAI 呈现VR短片「静影九龙」。

Alexey Marfin – Kowloon Forest 静影九龙 | NOWNESS

Sep 08 2019
號外 City Magazine Feature

號外 City Magazine Alexey Marfin Feature

I have a 16-page special feature in this month’s issue of 號外 City Magazine
I had the opportunity to share ‘Hong Kong through my eyes’ – talking about…
Sep 02 2019
Fiction & Entertainment 2018-19


Some frames from the projects of our 2018-19 Fiction & Entertainment graduates at SCI-Arc…
Aug 14 2019
Zolima CityMag Interview

Kowloon Forest - Zolima CityMag

Some press in English. Last week I gave an interview to Zolima CityMag, about Kowloon Forest.
Aug 08 2019
HK Economic Times / 香港經濟日報 – Interview

HK Economic Times - Alexey Marfin interview

I gave an interview to the Hong Kong Economic Times / 香港經濟日報. Friends in Hong Kong – check it out in today’s newspaper!