DFIA 2021 Jurors

Excited to announce that I will be on the judging panel for the 2021 DFIAwards in Seoul!

planet city excerpt earth day

On the occasion of Earth Day, watch a new 3-minute excerpt from our recent film ‘Planet City’.
The film is currently screening at MAAT Portugal, the Shanghai Biennale, and Cairotronica.

kowloon forest kaohsiung vr film lab

Excited to share some photos from the first few weeks’ screening of Kowloon Forest /「靜影九龍」 at the VR FILM LAB in Kaohsiung, as part of the On Going Home /「往家路上」screening program!

Kowloon Forest at Kaohsiung Film Archive VR FILM LAB

Our VR film Kowloon Forest will have its Taiwan premiere at the Kaohsiung Film Archive VR FILM LAB!

hong kong 1980s hallway test alexey marfin

六樓。Another 3D test for a new project.

Alexey Marfin Lecture at NYCU

Yesterday I gave a (remote) lecture at NYCU (國立陽明交通大學 National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University) in Taiwan!

hong kong 1980s door test alexey marfin

八十年代港式鐵閘。 3D test for a new project.

planet city teaser

Sharing a few fragments from “Planet City” – a new short film which I VFX-supervised.

Alexey Marfin Workshop at NCTU

This week I taught a (remote) visual effects workshop at the National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan!


Excited to share the work from my “VR Film Sets” seminar at SCI-Arc! The students created VR (virtual reality) environments inspired by movie scenes.
Films have always used architecture to tell stories. The worlds, cities, and spaces of cinema are responsible for creating the social, cultural, and political contexts of its screenplays. This year, all the movies we explored share a common design idea: the space and the setting represent a conflict/hierarchy/tension – from “Parasite” (2019) and its socially and physically stratified urban environment – to “Hollywood Hong Kong” (2001) and its literally and figuratively overshadowing tower complexes.