Oct 10 2014
New City
I worked on a video installation series for Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today, commissioned by the Z33 gallery. Three animated digital paintings of future skylines: a floating city on the Great Pacific garbage patch, an ever-upgrading metropolis owned by tech corporations, and a digital favela risen from electronic debris.
The skylines are accompanied by three short stories by writers Jeff Noon, Pat Cadigan, and Tim Maughan, and three original scores/soundscapes by Coldcut.
New City – Liam Young / Tomorrows Thoughts Today
Project Team: Alexey Marfin, Zhan Wang
Soundscapes: Coldcut
Additional sound design: Aneek Thapar
Authors: Jeff Noon, Pat Cadigan, Tim Maughan
Curated by Karen Verschooren and produced for Z33, Future Fictions Exhibition
New City – Tomorrows Thoughts Today