Kowloon Forest on Oculus TV
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Kowloon Forest on Oculus TV In Headset

Big news! Our VR film Kowloon Forest is now available on Oculus TV!
Many people have asked where they can watch our film outside of festivals and exhibitions. I am so happy to announce that now, two years since our world premiere at Osage HK, this is finally possible :)
好多人之前問除咗喺電影節之外仲可以係邊度睇。十分開心自從兩年之前係奧沙畫廊首映,今日終於可以實現發佈喺其他平台 :)
A huge THANK YOU to Oculus, Digital Domain, and 大佬 Jimmy Cheng personally, for making this happen!
Note: Oculus TV needs Quest or Quest 2 headset.
Link: Oculus TV – Kowloon Forest 靜影九龍