Kowloon Forest - Zolima CityMag

Some press in English. Last week I gave an interview to Zolima CityMag, about Kowloon Forest.

HK Economic Times - Alexey Marfin interview

I gave an interview to the Hong Kong Economic Times / 香港經濟日報. Friends in Hong Kong – check it out in today’s newspaper!

Kowloon Forest Premiere

My interview with Ming Pao Weekly (明報周刊/明周) is out in print today! Friends in HK – grab a copy! (Issue No. 2646).

Alexey Marfin - Press Photoshoot by Ming Pao Weekly

Press photoshoot for Kowloon Forest by Ming Pao Weekly / 明周 at Osage Gallery, Hong Kong.
For our exhibition, we collected assorted chairs from Hong Kong alleys and streets, and mounted them on rotating bases – allowing you to rotate freely as you watch the film in 360 degrees – while preserving these ‘street scenes’.
© Ming Pao Weekly / 明周. Photo by Chi Wing Tan / 譚志榮.

Kowloon Forest Premiere

The day before our premiere, I gave an interview to Ming Pao Weekly (明周). Check it out online! Magazine print version coming soon.
Thanks to the fantastic Sim Ho for the great conversation and write-up.

Kowloon Forest RTHK

We did a short radio interview with RTHK (香港電台) about Kowloon Forest. They spoke to Shirley on the day of the premiere. Listen here (Cantonese).

Kowloon Forest Premiere

Some photos from last friday’s world premiere of Kowloon Forest / 靜影九龍 at Osage Gallery in Hong Kong.

Kowloon Forest in Hong Kong Airlines Inflight Magazine

If you’re flying with Hong Kong Airlines this month, check out the inflight magazine!
Hong Kong Airlines +852 Magazine – July 2019

Kowloon Forest - Time Out Hong Kong - Alexey Marfin

Kowloon Forest is featured in Time Out magazine Hong Kong! 靜影九龍登上了Time Out HK專題介紹!
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