Yiwu is a city in the Zhejiang Province, home to ‘China Commodity City’ a.k.a. ‘Yiwu International Trade City’ – the world’s largest wholesale market. The market complex is the size of a small town…


In the 1950s and 60s, Bombay Beach was a thriving resort around California’s largest lake – the Salton Sea. It was created by accident when the Colorado River overflowed in 1905, creating a 350-square-mile lake. Developers called it a ‘miracle in the desert’, as hotels, houses, and yacht clubs appeared along the coast. However, the Salton Sea…


Just returned from a research trip and location shoot in Mumbai, with our students.


Exploring the Californian Mojave Desert – Bowen Ranch and Deep Creek Hot Springs.


More stills from the unused Blue-Eyed Me footage. Following the supply lines of Chinese manufacturing, from the genetics laboratory to the urban village.


Recently been archiving old work and sorted though the unused footage from Blue-Eyed Me. Here are a few stills. Shot on a research trip with Unknown Fields Division. Following the supply lines of Chinese manufacturing, from the factory’s assembly line to the container ship’s engine room.


Exploring Seoul and Bucheon, while I was in town for the 20th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. Shot on an old Super-16 lens from 1969.


A trip to Hong Kong, filming for a new project.


Exploring the South Californian wilderness. Filming a dream sequence for a new film, in Lake Arrowhead’s Deep Creek


A few stills from a research trip for a new project. Bolivia and Chile with Unknown Fields Division. From snow to rainforest, from desert to mountains.