Into the Stream will have its East Coast premiere at the 11th Imagine Science Film Festival. Screening on October 13th as part of the ‘Through the Singularity’ program at Littlefield in Brooklyn!
Into the Stream – Imagine Science Film Festival



Join us on Friday August 31st at 7pm for the final screening of our Fiction & Entertainment MA programme at SCI-Arc. We’ll be premiering short films, music videos, interactive installations, and more – the culmination of a year of hard work by our students.
The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with guests including: Ane Crabtree, costume designer for Handmaid’s Tale; Alex McDowell, worldbuilder and production designer for Fight Club and Minority Report; Claire Evans, artist and lead singer of the band Yacht; Andrew Thomas Huang, artist and director of Bjork’s music videos; Jamin Warren, cofounder of videogame arts and culture company Kill Screen; Brian Merchant, author and editor at VICE Motherboard; Patti Podesta, production designer for American Gods; Ben West, creative director at Framestore LA; Timothy Williams, designer and animator for games film and music videos, and more. See you there!


What does ‘the future’ look like? You could be forgiven for thinking of a neon-lit dense cityscape somewhere in Japan or Hong Kong, during a perpetual rainy night. But why do we have these associations?
Join us at SCI-Arc for Visions of the Future’ – an interactive exhibition of new ideas for visions of the future.



Into the Stream has been selected for the 20th California Independent Film Festival. Screening on August 25th at the Orinda theater!
California Independent Film Festival Program


Last week I taught at the Post-Industrial Landscapes AA Visiting School in Hong Kong. We created experimental VR scenes, video game environments, and 360° panoramic prints, from 3D scans of Hong Kong…


Join us at SCI-Arc for ‘CGI Film Sets’ – an exhibition of CGI rendered scenes, inspired by six movies from the pre-digital era…


Chungking Mansions is a 17-story commercial and residential building in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong. Many business owners in Chungking Mansions are South Asians who have been in Hong Kong for generations, reflecting the historical presence of South Asians in HK since the 19th century (when both HK and India/Pakistan were British). A scene in our VR film takes place in Chungking Mansions…


Yiwu is a city in the Zhejiang Province, home to ‘China Commodity City’ a.k.a. ‘Yiwu International Trade City’ – the world’s largest wholesale market. The market complex is the size of a small town…


In the 1950s and 60s, Bombay Beach was a thriving resort around California’s largest lake – the Salton Sea. It was created by accident when the Colorado River overflowed in 1905, creating a 350-square-mile lake. Developers called it a ‘miracle in the desert’, as hotels, houses, and yacht clubs appeared along the coast. However, the Salton Sea…


Some CGI production design from our new VR film. Neon signs and Cantopop posters.