Excited to share the latest Forest Swords music video, which I VFX-supervised.
Set in Athens, Greece, in a fictional re-imagining of a high-density polykatoikia (multi-residence) apartment block.
Music: Forest Swords
Director: Liam Young
VFX Supervisor: Alexey Marfin
VFX Artists: Paul Krist, Aman Sheth, Kiran Nayak, Andi Zhang
Supported by the Onassis Cultural Centre for ‘Tomorrows’, Athens 2017
© 2018 K7 Records


I worked on another addition to the New City film-installation series for Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today. Exhibited at the Human+, The Future of Our Species exhibition at the Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona from 7 October 2015 – 10 April 2016.


Latest music video I worked on for Factory Fifteen, as Head of VFX and simulation.


A film-installation exhibition project that I worked on for Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today. Commissioned by the Z33 gallery, three animated matte paintings of future skylines: a floating city on the Great Pacific garbage patch, an ever-upgrading metropolis owned by tech firms, and a digital favela risen from electronic debris.


Latest project I worked on for Factory Fifteen, as Head of Character Animation. Shot on location in Jodhpur, India.