Aisha and Abhaya
aisha and abhaya
aisha and abhaya
aisha and abhaya

Excited to share some frames from ‘Aisha and Abhaya’, a new contemporary dance and film piece currently on show at the Royal Opera House in London. I created this digital dancer simulation and worked on a few shots for the piece. Check it out if you are in London!
A co-production between Rambert and The Royal Ballet in association with BBC and Robin Saunders
Directed by: Kibwe X-kalibre Tavares
Choreography: Sharon Eyal
Film Producer: Fiona Lamptey
DOP: Luke Jacobs
Animation Director: Paul Nicholls
VFX: Factory Fifteen; Benaditto Bertozzi, Tom Goodliffe, Ricardo David, Alexey Marfin
Costume Designer: Uldus Bakhtiozina
Music: GAIKA & Ori
Tracking: Peanut