Cats ride skateboards and people get struck by lightning, in a world of viral videos, memes, and 24-hour news cycles, as one man erodes the boundary between his digital distractions and real life.

Runtime: 11 mins.

Premiered at the 21st Oscar-qualifying LA Shorts International Film Festival.




Written and directed by: Alexey Marfin
Starring: Brian Hanford
Co-starring: Sabine Crossen, Fiona Rene,
Samantha Schnitzler, Dimitri Raft

Director of photography: Vini Curtis
Composer: Dave Meckin
Assistant director: Chapman Kan
Production sound mixer: Don Nelson
Casting director: Sabine Crossen
Art department: Valentina Guaita
Hair and Makeup: Charlotte Lee, Annie Botta
Additional Cast: Olya Mareva, Éléonore Audi

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