Alexey Marfin is a director and filmmaker, interested in speculative fiction at the intersection of contemporary digital culture and new social interactions. He explores cinematic storytelling as a process of world-design: using fictional worlds as a lens with which to look at our own present-day realities. He has a professional background in visual effects, and an academic background in architecture, which contribute to his directorial style and filmmaking vision. Alexey is based between Los Angeles and London.

Alexey also teaches the MA Fiction & Entertainment course at the Southern California Institute of Architecture with Liam Young – a post-graduate studio where their students explore speculative fiction and world-building, through film-making and new media. Alexey has lectured worldwide, including the Royal College of Art and Princeton University.

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Into the Stream (2016) – Short – Director, Writer
Blue-Eyed Me (2015) – Short (experimental) – Director, Writer



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